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ice girls

they have a job. they clear the ice.

the devils girls (at least when i saw them) weren’t an ice crew. they danced. they were okay, and they were there to entertain. their form and synchronization was a little shaky, but most people watching don’t pay attention for their dance skills. they were obviously trained dancers, but they had trouble balancing blending as a group while retaining their own stylistic personalities.

but back to the ice girls:

granted, they are really more there to pump up the crowd. it’s unfortunate that a lot of the times their outfits are supposed to be revealing to get the attention of the male fans, rather than expressing both the athleticism and strength of their skating and the femininity and elegance of their bodies. but whatever, they have nice bodies. i’m not saying it’s good that many people still objectify women in this way, but it’s nice to see women represented in professional sports as more than just boobs on the sidelines. they rally the crowd, they do community events, they meet the fans. it’s like a team of gorgeous mascots.

people complain about how they look regarding make-up and shit. i met the islanders ice girls, and let me tell you, up close they look super-fake.


if you’ve ever been on stage in a high-school auditorium or any venue larger, you’ll know why. it’s to make their expressions stand out. when you perform, especially in huge arenas, you have to have clothing and make-up that stands out. so even in a high-school play, you will be wearing layers of make-up so that everyone in the audience can see you raise one eyebrow however so slightly you do so. the make-up is so people in the upper levels can see their facial expressions, as they’re smiling and sparkling (big emotion!) from the ice. there’s really no difference whether it’s a guy in a play or a girl on the ice.

so if you want to audition for the ice girls, don’t let snide remarks stop you. it’s a job and it takes skating skills and the ability to interact with fans. if that’s something you want to do, even if you don’t think you have the exact body type or whatever for it, you should go for it. whatever happens, if you show your professionalism and passion for both hockey and the business of hockey, you will no doubt stick in the minds of those in front of whom you audition.

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