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did honor society really think i meant they were actually touching our butts with the new underwear line and then try to teach me butt-touching protocol regarding the right for someone’s butt to be touched


it’s such a small thing but it really pissed me off because they never used to interact with people like this. it’s condescending. they let 15 year old girls flirt with them and they hang out with drunk underage people and then they act like i’m being serious. this joking went from teasing about their new (SHITTY) merch to a commentary on the rights of a human body.

i am woman i have dealt with harassment i don’t need you guys to remind me that a style of underwear does not give anyone the right to do anything without consent

are you drunk

you guys are so out of touch JFC

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  1. meghanhope77 said: what what the fuck is this who are these assholes what
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