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blue and white - meeting the players, part 3.

next to the adorable tiny one, was this glorious swedish goalie.

he was a beast at the game and the skills competition. he was 6 for 6 on the rapid fire, and the only breakaway goal he let in was ryan strome’s ridiculous shot. (i posted the video from the islander’s website last night.) anyway, this swede was actually quite handsome on the ice…with his goalie mask hair, so i was sure that meant i’d be awkward when i met him. but he had this great tattoo on his bicep, which we chatted about. and he was really nice. but i don’t know if yall realized, SCANDINAVIAN GOALIES ARE WONDERFUL.

finally, i jumped onto the strome line.

ryan strome. ryan fucking strome.

he is the most unassuming person ever. like…so normal. i went up and said “hey, how are you?” which apparently caught him off-guard because the guys kept asking fans how they were, because he stopped for a second and then recovered, saying, “oh i’m great! thanks for asking!” and then i mentioned, first apologizing if it sounds creepy, but that when he was drafted i had a small dance party, screaming like a maniac, and my family thought i was being murdered. and he laughed. and he’s adorable. and that shot during the breakaway contest. he is so promising. everyone better watch their backs. that’s all i’m saying.

the end.

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